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I usually try my absolute best to avoid getting comic books right as they come out, same way I try and avoid new TV series as well.  It’s because I’m a bing-er,  I love nothing more than cuddling up on a couch or in my bed, picking up my comic or turning on my TV and not stopping until the whole series is done.

But sometimes, on that rare occasion, a series looks just too good for me to be okay with missing my seat on that initial hype train.  Such was the case when Extremity appeared on the scene.

Created and Illustrated by just one man, Danial Warren Johnson, and coloured by Mike Spicer we have something magic here.

Daniel, who you probably know from his web-comic Space Mullet has had a successful career as a writer, artist and illustrator having worked with Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image Comics in the past.  When I found out he would be writing and drawing Extremity on his own, I was beyond excited.  There is just something about knowing that everything that you read or see is HIS that really bonds you to the comic.

Colorist Mike Spicer also seems like the perfect addition to this project, having worked on titles such as Suicide Squad: Most Wanted Deadshot, Mad Max: Fury Road, Mythic, Head Lopper, Dead Drop, Silent Hill, and Sons of Anarchy.

Together they have the perfect synergy to really capture the fast-paced, riveting essence of Extremity.

What is Extremity?

Extremity is one bloody, gory, brutal AF battle, and that’s just Episode 1. When you open the comic you are instantly thrown into the story, the girl you see on the cover, Thea, alongside her father (a chieftain) and sibling are on a journey of revenge. Their home village was attacked, among the lost was her mother, her right hand, her childhood and her innocence.  She used to be one of her villages great artists, but all of that was stolen from her.

This is a story about finding yourself, standing up for who you are and revenge. The comic is dark, rough, violent, a bit gross and very intriguing. Taken on the journey with Thea and her remaining family, you are faced with two very different paths on the same side of the battle; the one that wants vengeance at any cost and the one that wants a better life.

Where will these paths lead and what lies in store?  I hate the fact that I have to wait to find out, I need to know! Now!

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