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What does it mean to turn one of the great Graphic Novels TP of our time into a major motion picture? In 1998, Frank Miller shook the Comic world with his groundbreaking series 300. Marking Miller’s first collaboration with watercolor artist Lynn Varley (Ronin, The Dark Knight Returns) in over a decade, 300 was a gritty reimagining of a battle in which three hundred Spartan soldiers fought to hold back the entire Persian army. The series won five Eisner Awards, including Best Limited Series, Best Writer/Artist (Miller), and Best Colorist (Varley). 300: The Art of the Movie takes you behind the scenes as director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) adapts 300 to the silver screen. With two hundred pages of production photos, concept art, and much, much more, 300: The Art of the Movie is sure to delight Miller fans and movie buffs alike. “I knew this wasn’t another typical sword-and-sandals movie, or a seven-hour-long lesson in historical accuracy. There are dozens of ways to retell the Battle of Thermopylae, but to adapt the story as presented in 300, I knew this was as much about bringing Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s visual style to life, as it was about the historical event itself.” -Grant Freckelton (Visual Effects Designer). 300 © 1998, 2006 Frank Miller, Inc. 300 and the 300 logo are trademarks of Frank Miller, Inc.

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