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by Keith Champagne & Tom Nguyen. In 1977, NASA inexplicably sent four hamsters into space to investigate a strange mass of radioinstock gelatin that was hovering over the Earth. Due to exposure from the radioinstock mass, the four hamsters quickly changed, evolving into something new. Something adolescent. Something radioinstock! Crash landing in the Himalayas, the Hamsters were found by a hidden monastery of monks who nursed them back to health, training the group in the martial arts. Now they’re back and Dynamite has them! Under the watchful eye of original series creator Don Chin, writer Keith Champagne (Countdown: Arena) is joined by artist Tom Nguyen for a comic book series unlike the world has ever seen! Ninjas! Barbarians! Huns! Monks! Hamsters! This one’s got it all! Look for the special Hamsters alternate cover by Mice Templar’s Michael Avon Oeming!

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