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Ant-Man Marvel Legends Series 01 Wasp AF


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ize: 6 inches tall Material: Plastic Includes: Wasp figure Ultron BAF piece Hank Pym’s “Pym particles” allow any user to grow or shrink with just 1 dose! Although she’s capable of storming into battle as a hundred-foot giant, Janet van Dyne prefers to flit through the fight at insect scale. Many villains have underestimated the Wasp, but few have escaped the excruciating blast of her sting! Your 6-inch Marvel’s Wasp figure is towering compared to Wasp’s ant-like half-inch form! But watch out: you never know what to expect when Marvel’s Wasp is underfoot — or in flight! Your figure is also highly articulated and poseable, giving you even more battle potential. Imagine that you’re blasting away enemies with Wasp’s bioelectric strength, made possible only by the power of Pym particles! Part of the Ultron Build-A-Figure Series Ultron is one of the most intelligent and ruthless villains in the Marvel Universe, and Marvel’s Wasp is just one hero in the fight against Ultron’s attack on humanity. As part of the Build-A-Figure Collection, this Marvel’s Wasp figure comes with a Build-A-Figure component that will help you construct Ultron.

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