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Curse of the Spawn Vol. III: Shades of Gray


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by Alan McElroy, Dwayne Turner and Clayton Crain. 96 pages. An angel’s origin is revealed. While she works at battling creatures on another planet in an effort to protect the souls there, she is urgently called to Earth. In the alleys of New York City, Angela learns how the planet she just left is tied to the fate of the Earth. She attempts to enlist the power of Spawn, an ambassador from Hell, to save both planets, but he is reluctant to get involved. When her jealous twin sister shows up, Angela learns the source and depth of the peril the two planets are in. Will Angela be able to save both planets with or without the help of Spawn or will she succumb to the icy stare of Deurges, an interplanetary Grim Reaper?

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