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• MATT WAGNER (W/A). b&w w/red, 24 pages.Miniseries. The Korean mob move against Grendel’s criminal empire in this explosive new chapter in the life of Hunter Rose. A presence is haunting Hunter Rose-ubiquitous, ethereal, maddening. As Grendel becomes increasingly obsessed with his unseen pursuer, his grip on the New York underworld loosens. For the man who assassinates his victims with the same precision that he writes his bestselling novels, this ignorance and weakness is unacceptable. He will uncover what hunts him, and he will show his rivals that the city is his alone!• Matt Wagner writes and draws Grendel for the first time in twelve years! “Wagner knows how to use Comic’ potential for epic storylines, and thought nothing of jumping thousands of years forward, creating religions and blowing the story out to colossal scale.” -Decibel Magazine

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