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Written by JEPH LOEB Art & 50/50 Covers by ART ADAMS & FRANK CHO. Do ya like ladies? (don’t answer that) How ’bout monsters?(hang on) BIG BOMBASTIC BATTLES built by superstar Jeph Loeb? (not yet) And does the idea of seeing JUMUNGOUSLY AMAZING ART ADAMS and FREAKIN’ FRANK CHO pages twitter your twutter? (you can answer YES now) IN THIS ISSUE! The LADY LIBERATORS are dead-set on capturing RULK and finding out who he really is…even if he kills ’em! AND…can HULK, SENTRY, MS. MARVEL, and MOON KNIGHT stop the WENDIGO ARMY from killing everyone in Vegas? What about the WENDIHULK!? (or is it HULKDIGO!?). 32 PGS. / Rated A NOTE 2 COVERS AVAILABLE TO GET BOTH SELECT 2 COPIES

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