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Written by GREG PAK & FRED VAN LENTE Pencils by ARIEL OLIVETTI & MICHAEL RYAN Cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI. After picking fights with the Juggernaut, Norman Osborn, and the Wolverine clan, the most insane father and son team in the Marvel Universe might actually be bonding.  But everything’s about to blow wide open for Bruce Banner and his big, green, barbarian son Skaar when one of the Hulk’s greatest enemies brings back the most important villainess Bruce Banner’s ever faced.  Who is the Harpy?  And whose side will Banner take when she and Skaar meet sword to claw in a gamma-powered deathmatch?  Stone might bleed, feathers might fly, and hearts might break in the highest stakes battle yet for Banner and Son! Plus, The Savage SHE-HULK continues her quest to find Jennifer Walters in a back-up by Fred Van Lente and Michael Ryan! 40 PGS. / Rated A

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