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NBX Jack Dog Collar X-Small


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Disney has licensed a great dog collar made by Buckle Down. Each collar has a quick release buckle. All the movies and Disney characters come alive on the leash and collar. The great animation that Disney had in the movies shows beautifully. All the dogs in the store have picked out a fun collar to wear that won’t fade or snag. Lola will be wearing Hakuna Matata. Nonee will be wearing Beauty and the Beast. Sunny the Scotty will wear Jack Skellington. Pippa the Parson will look beautiful in Beauty and the Beast. I have all the leashes to match, so when they go in four directions it will be easy to find me all wrapped up. Buckle Down collars and leashes are a great value because you are buying American . Ariel would be pleased to know she has left the sea and ended up on the end of a leash. The Seven Dwarfs will not have to stay in that dark, cold forest, but be seen. Cinderella can skip the ball and walk with any guy she wants to without her step mom bothering her. So please pick out a collar and leash………Thanks, The Crew!

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