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Prime 1 Studio Azrael




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“Dark days are here, Batman. The prophecy has come true. From the ashes of Arkham City, the fires are raging… and Gotham… is burning. I can see the same fire in your eyes. Before this night is through… that fire will consume you. Gotham will need a new saviour, a new guardian, a new Batman.”


Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMDC-15 AZRAEL from the Batman Arkham Knight. Heir to the cow, he is a member of a group of assassins who were created by The Sacred Order of Saint-Dumas to enforce God’s will. Azrael also known as Jean-Paul Valley genetic structure was altered by scientists with Animal DNA, engineering him to be capable of feats beyond those of a normal human. Bruce Wayne quickly began to train Azrael as a replacement Batman, to protect Gotham city in the event that an emergency should prevent him from doing it himself.


  • Limited worldwide quantity


Formats Museum Masterline
Series Batman: Arkham Knight
Scale 1/3 Scale
Product Code MMDC-15
Product Size Approx. H:81cm
Material Polystone


Range: Arkham Knight
Es: 500
ETA: Q1 2021
Payment Plan: 6 Months
Non Refundable Deposit: R5,000.00 – Required for every piece.
Retail Cost: R21,990.00
RSP: R24,990.00
Pre Order Start Date: 3rd September 2020
Pre Order End Date: 1st October 2020

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