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Written by MATT FRACTION Art by HOWARD CHAYKIN Cover by ALEX MALEEV. One word: JIGSAW. In this prelude to the next major story-arc in PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL, we get to spend a little time with the man, the myth, and the monster that’s earned the right to call himself the Punisher’s arch-nemesis. What is it about Frank Castle that makes this otherwise sane, if a little sinister, gangster go absolutely and completely insane whenever he’s around? What buttons can Frank possibly push that pushes Jigsaw over the edge of sanity? Find out straight from the horse’s mouth, kiddies: JIGSAW starts here, ends in blood, and features a whole lot of violence in-between. By Matt Fraction (IMMORTAL IRON FIST, casanova) and Howard Chaykin (WOLVERINE). 32 PGS. / Rated T+. PRODUCT UPDATE (031908): Punisher War Journal #18 will carry a Parental Advisory, not the originally solicited rating of T+.

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