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THE RETURN OF THE GREMLINS #3 (of 3). Mike Richardson (W) and Fabio Laguna (A). Poor Gus will never look at England the same way again. He arrived from the states only days ago in order to sell a house willed to him by his grandfather. Seemed simple enough! But since then he’s been beset by mysterious hauntings, accosted by real-estate thugs, tied up, roped into saving gremlin creatures from eviction, and literally knocked off his feet by Molly, a lovely young librarian with a black belt. To top it all off he’s landed in jail, and his house is about to be bulldozed! What he needs now is a brilliant plan . . . and hundreds of tiny friends up for uncontrollable mischief. Hold on to your hats, everybody-the gremlins are going to fight back in the only way they know how! “The Gremlins is gaining new life . . . and . . . finds a new audience among today’s collectors . . .” -Antique Trader

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