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Joshua Jabcuga (w); Alberto Dose (a & c). The definitive prequel to the 1983 cult-classic film! Before Tony Montana came to America, he cut his teeth as a young military assassin in Cuba, and rose up as a hustler in Havana. He knows the world is his, and he craves the American dream. But first, he’s gotta get out from Castro-imposed solitary confinement. Add to this Molotov cocktail mix the CIA, La Cosa Nostra, and the scumbag who gave Montana his infamous scar. Make a deal with the devil… just know which devil you’re dealing with first. Hell hath no fury like the ghetto opera brought to you by the outlaw team of Joshua Jabcuga (Doomed) and Wizard magazine’s Heat Index artist Alberto Dose (Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams).

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