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SOLOMON KANE #5 (of 5). Scott Allie (W), Mario Guevara (P), Dave Stewart (C), and John Cassaday (Cover). FC, 32 pages Miniseries. The Castle of the Devil hides several secrets-the most horrible of which may still be locked at the base of the castle in the ruins of an ancient abbey. Solomon Kane gets closer to unveiling the truth behind the crazed monks who used to live there, as he deals with the castle’s current batch of strange inhabitants. Escaping with John Silent, his wounded companion, is out of the question, because Kane also seeks justice for the souls of innocent children who were killed on the gallows that litter this evil, tainted region of Germany’s Black Forest. “With art and writing that perfectly captures the pulp weirdness of his birth, Solomon Kane officially becomes the only Puritan I’ve ever been a fan of. Don’t miss out on these weird tales, you’ll regret it.” -Ed Brubaker. The story rolls into a shocking finale! Solomon Kane © 2008 Solomon Kane Inc. (“SKI”). SOLOMON KANE, and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of SKI. All rights reserved.

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