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Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 3: Here There Be Monsters TP


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Written by PAUL JENKINS, Pencils by DAMION SCOTT & PAOLO RIVERA, Cover by DAMION SCOTT He’s struggled for years to control the coiled reptile that dwells deep within his heart. Now, at the end of his rope, one bad day will change Dr. Curt Connors’ life forever – and the Lizard will stalk the streets once more! As Connors’ self-destructive behavior escalates, Spider-Man must try to corral his out-of-control friend. But the Lizard may force the wall-crawler to kill, rather than cure! Plus: On a rooftop in the Bronx sits a sad handicapped man. A prisoner of his own crippled body, how will a battle between the wall-crawler and Morbius, the Living Vampire, change his life? Collects SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #11-13, plus the fully painted SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #14. 112 PGS.

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