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2007 SUMMER PREVIEW. Get the first word on the biggest, hottest and most-anticipated comic book events of the summer right here, from Marvel’s first big post- Civil War event, Avengers: The Initiative, to DC’s blockbuster JLA/ JSA by the fan-favorite combo of Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer-and hundreds more to boot! SPIDER-MAN: ONE MORE DAY Spider-Man’s going supernova this summer once “Spider-Man 3” hits on May 4, and to coincide with that highly anticipated flick, Marvel rolls out a super-secret Spider- Man project titled “One More Day,” a giant wall-crawling event by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada that will rock the web-head and his fans! HOLLYWOOD’S HOTTEST SUMMER Fanboys and girls will be flocking to theaters in droves this summer, lining up to see some of the most colossal comic book movies ever, including “Spider-Man 3,” “Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer” and “Transformers”! We’ve got the scoop on how these comic flicks will rule the silver screen! HULK SMASH MARVEL U.! The heroes of the Marvel Universe find themselves embroiled in a whole new conflict-World War Hulk! When the Green Goliath returns from space, he’s out for revenge on the heroes that exiled him. The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets-and that means gamma- irradiated trouble for the Marvel U. DC’S BIGGEST EVENT OF 2007: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! How does DC follow up on the smash success of its star-studded weekly 52 series? We can’t tell you here, but pick up this issue of Wizard to get all the inside information on this sure-fire event spectacular: the all-star creators, the cast of stars and the earth-shattering surprises that await! NOTE COVER MAY DIFFER FROM PICTURE SHOWN!

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