Over the years there have been numerous comics that with all their brutality and gore have captured their reader’s attention and imagination, and while there have been some greats and some flops, few have been able to capture that brutality quite as beautifully as Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda have with Monstress.So let’s give […]

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The Black Monday Murders

Before we talk about The Black Monday Murders, we need to first talk about the author, Jonathan Hickman and the artist, Tomm Coker.

Jonathan Hickman is known for creating Image Comics series The Nightly News, The Manhattan Projects and East of West, as well as working on Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four, FF and S.H.I.E.L.D. He also wrote Avengers and The New Avengers, as part the “Marvel NOW!” relaunch as well as a six-part miniseries, Infinity, plus Avengers tie-ins for Marvel Comics.

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At first, I totally got the series as a joke, just seeing the look on his face when I told him that I got a comic to read JUST because it had a character in it that was his comic book twin and then telling him it was called Snotgirl was absolutely priceless and worth it.

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Rocket Girl

If you’ve been around for one of my reviews before then you’ll already know that this is usually the point where I start off my review by sharing some personal anecdote with you all about why I chose this comic to read, and if you’re new here then you now know what you’re supposed to be reading here.

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Wayward Vol. 1

You know that feeling when you see something, however quickly, and you just KNOW that you are going to love it? Well, that is 100% how I felt about Wayward from the second I laid my eyes on it.

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I usually try my absolute best to avoid getting comic books right as they come out, same way I try and avoid new TV series as well.  It’s because I’m a bing-er,  I love nothing more than cuddling up on a couch or in my bed, picking up my comic or turning on my TV and not stopping until the whole series is done.

But sometimes, on that rare occasion, a series looks just too good for me to be okay with missing my seat on that initial hype train.

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Wayward Vol. 2

Welcome back to Wayward.  This time we will be talking about Vol. 2. If you’re here with me then I’m guessing you’ve either read my review of Vol. 1 or you’ve read the previous volume for yourself, if not, then I highly suggest you do because here there be spoilers.

Still here even though there’s a spoiler warning? Okay well your choice, let me catch you up quickly.

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