The Black Monday Murders

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Before we talk about The Black Monday Murders, we need to first talk about the author, Jonathan Hickman and the artist, Tomm Coker.

Jonathan Hickman is known for creating Image Comics series The Nightly News, The Manhattan Projects and East of West, as well as working on Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four, FF and S.H.I.E.L.D. He also wrote Avengers and The New Avengers, as part the “Marvel NOW!” relaunch as well as a six-part miniseries, Infinity, plus Avengers tie-ins for Marvel Comics.

Artist Tomm Coker, on the other hand, is known for his work on Undying Love, Wolverine, and Daredevil to name a few.

What does this have to do with The Black Monday Murders? Everything.
When you start reading The Black Monday Murders you can’t help but feel like all their previous work was just training for this, a chance for them to really hone that dark, dirty, bloody feeling that The Black Monday Murders really thrives on.

Now, let’s get to it. What is The Black Monday Murders all about?

Well first, I reviewed The Black Monday Murders, Vol 1: All Hail, God Mammon TP, which contains comics 1-4 so I’m going to be talking about the entire collection, as it stands thus far.

BUT I’m going to try and do this with as little spoilers as possible, this is one of those cases that you either need to write a full on novel talking about the story to try and do it justice or rather just say nothing at all – I’m opting for the latter.

The Black Monday Murders is a new comic book series about the dark and twisted power of money… and exactly what kind of ‘power’ you can buy for yourself with it.

The series is set in a world where all of the top bankers are a part of this ‘god of money‘ cult, where everything is alright when they are making money on the stock market, by any means necessary, but if the stock market crashes, well then the god of money demands payback.

While you journey through this series you follow so many different characters (both good, and bad), so many intertwined stories and timelines, and yet, somehow it all just works.

The whole series has a very distinctive Crime-Noir feel and look to it, and combined with the story it is a wonderful fit.

The style of the whole comic makes you feel like YOU are the detective in this story, and that every new piece of information you uncover is truly going to help YOU solve this all and figure out the truth of what’s happening all around.

Overall this series has just drawn me in, I feel fully invested in the characters and their stories now and I can not WAIT for more.

Also, it ends off with such a cliffhanger that is sure to make you ache just as much as I am. We. Need. More.

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