Wayward Vol. 2

Welcome back to Wayward.  This time we will be talking about Vol. 2. If you’re here with me then I’m guessing you’ve either read my review of Vol. 1 or you’ve read the previous volume for yourself, if not, then I highly suggest you do because here there be spoilers.

Still here even though there’s a spoiler warning? Okay well your choice, let me catch you up quickly.

Wayward is a comic collection brought to us by author Jim Zub and artist Steve Cummings.  They are big deals.  Trust me.

The story revolves around a small group of ‘gifted’ teenagers with ‘superpowers’.  It’s been described by the author as “Buffy, set in Japan, with Monsters”

Okay, so now that you’re basically caught up, let’s move onto Vol. 2 (episodes 6-10).




But it’s right there, in the aftermath of the tragedy that rocked us at the end of Vol. 1, that our story continues.

Everything is connected by this giant web that is reality, and things are quickly becoming unraveled.

The world has changed, Rori and Shirai are both gone, missing, considered dead.  The job of hunting down the evil monsters who plague the streets is left to Ayane, the girl who is made of cats and Nikaido the boy who manipulates emotions.

There is also someone new on the scene, we get to meet, a typical ‘good, well mannered and normal’ girl, Emi Ohara, who it turns out, is anything but.

Ohara can manipulate certain types of matter and she knows something about Rori.

Now we’re left with the burning question, how do they all fit together in this web of reality and are they changing the fate of Japan forever.

I absolutely loved this volume, just as much, if not more than I did volume 1.

I can’t wait to see more threads of this story to come together and share it all with you.

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