Kizuna: Bonds of Love Vol. 5


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t the end of volume 4 of Kizuna: Bonds of Love, Kei Enjyoji has decided to buy engagement rings for him and his lover Ranmaru Samejima. The salesclerk says, “I’m sure your girlfriend will be surprised!” To which Enjyoji laughs nervously and thinks to himself, “Except that it’s my boyfriend.” Unfortunately, Enjyoji never gets to surprise Ran-chan. He is knocked unconscious after following someone who resembles his younger brother Kai Sagano. The person turns out to be a drug-dealing impersonator, part of a bitter Tsuneya Family conspiracy to bring down the Sagano Family and to start a gang war between the Kansai region’s Shoryukai (Sagano Family) and the Kanto region’s Shohokai (Ozu Family). Volume 5 turns up the heat further. For those readers new to the urban-drama yaoi classic Kizuna: Bonds of Love, there are three significant pairings at the moment: Kei Enjyoji and the more sensible Ranmaru Samejima; Enjyoji’s half-brother Kai Sagano and Kai’s yakuza bodyguard Masanori Araki; and a pair of hit men who were introduced in volume 4, namely Tashiro and his former mentor, now rival, Mr. J.B. or Jack.

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