Marvel Comics PRESENTS #5


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Written by MARC GUGGENHEIM, CHRISTOS GAGE, MERRILL HAGAN & RICH KOSLOWSKI Penciled by DAVE WILKINS, JOYCE CHIN, STAZ JOHNSON & ANDREA DIVITO Cover by GREG LAND. Take a trip to the SAVAGE LAND as Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu defend their home against dinosaurs, mutates, mercenaries, and corporate goons in flying boats! This all-new serial begins right here! Plus: last time we saw the WRECKING CREW, they were being thrown in prison by OMEGA FLIGHT. Find out how the boys are adjusting to life behind bars… All that, PLUS the continuing adventures of Guardian in WEAPON OMEGA, and the murder of a man with no identity leads Stacy Dolan into the world of masked men and power-hungry monsters in VANGUARD!

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