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Written by GERRY CONWAY, DAVID MICHELINIE & J.M. DEMATTEIS Pencils by ROSS ANDRU, TODD MCFARLANE & SAL BUSCEMA Cover by SAL BUSCEMA. In his father’s eyes, Harry Osborn was never good enough. Harry’s pal, Peter Parker, was truly the type of son Norman Osborn wanted – studious, inventive, strong-willed and industrious. In contrast, Harry had always wilted under life’s pressures and the strain of his father’s domineering influence, unable to live up to Norman’s expectations. Unfortunately, Harry remained unaware of his father’s dark side as the Green Goblin until it was too late. Witnessing Norman’s apparent death in battle with Spider-Man, Harry was driven to the brink of insanity. Assuming his late father’s identity, he began a descent into madness that would haunt him his entire life; only in death could he finally find peace. Now, for the first time ever in one volume, witness the startling tale of Harry’s tragic demise in this all-new collection of classic Spider-Man stories! Collects AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #136-137 and #312, and SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #189 and #200. 144 PGS. / MARVEL PSR

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